Welcome to Jaipur !

In order for you to travel in India whether for touristic or business
reasons, you need to apply for a Visa. The easiest way is the e-visa online
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What to do in Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan so there will be plenty of things to do whether you’re staying for a short trip or longer one.

Feel like wandering in the streets of the Pink city ? Enjoy the market and learn how to bargain. Take your time to visit the City Palace, Jantar Mantar and the Palace of Wind amongst other things.

Eventually, try the Tuk Tuk or Rickshaw to go through Jaipur more easily and live the Indian experience.

Don't forget that India has lots of festival during the year and you might get lucky enough to be there when it happens.

Getting here

From the airport: Jaipur Airport is located only 13 km away from the city centre and you can use different transportations. To find out all about them, check Jaipur Airport website

However, Uber is probably the cheapest, fastest as well as convenient way to get around the city easily. Download the app for free and just wait for a car to come pick you up !


Jaipur is a safe and secure place where you can easily walk through the city or take a Uber or taxi to get from one place to another.
Because it’s the most touristic region in India, authorities and local people take great care of its visitors.

Just like everywhere in the world, you should respect some ground rules and you will only have a good experience, here in Jaipur.

Enjoy the beautiful pink city and everything India has to offer !

Night Life

Jaipur is a multicultural city which will offer you lots of beautiful places to admire the sunset and have a drink and delicious food.

You have a big choice of rooftop restaurants where you will find all sorts of food : indian, continental and also vegan...